Competition FAQ

On submission requirements
The entire submission package should be received by 23rd September 2018, 23:59 IST for the entry to be considered.
The submission package must be submitted by email to with the Team Code Name in the subject line.

The following are key points to bear in mind while preparing the submission package-

  1. Submissions must be composed on TWO portrait oriented A1 sheets (59.4 cm width and 84.1 cm height).
  2. Any technique of the team’s choice – sketches, diagrams, 3D visualizations, physical model photos, CAD drawings, text etc.- is acceptable to convey the idea.
  3. Participating team’s code name which was sent during the registration process must be mentioned in the bottom right hand corner of the sheet using Arial font size 12.
  4. Except for the team code name, the sheets must not include ANY information that may give away the team’s identity.
  5. A title for the proposal must be included in the A1 sheet.
  6. A 500 word (maximum word limit) summary text explaining the project idea must be included in the A1 sheets. Text may be written in English or Tamil. The summary text must cover the following aspects of the proposal:
    a) Main concept, especially referring to the aspects of climate proof urban -development, mitigation and adaptation
    b) The level of intervention which the proposal is focused on
    c) The opportunity areas that the proposal is tackling
    d) Target group/ beneficiaries of the proposal

Your submission package must include only these files for your entry to be considered-

1. High-resolution PDF (suitable for printing) of the two A1 sheets showcasing the project
idea. Both A1 sheets must be combined into one PDF file.
Maximum file size of PDF: 20MB.
Name of the PDF file: *team code name*.pdf

2. 150 dpi resolution JPEGs (suitable for web page viewing) of the A1 sheets showcasing the project idea.
Maximum file size of JPEGs: 1MB.
Name of the JPEG files: *team code name*_01.jpeg and *team code name*_02.jpeg

3. Title and 500 word summary of the proposal in a Word document
Name of the Word file: *team code name*.doc/ docx

Any attempt to submit additional files apart from these listed files will result in disqualification.
Entries not adhering to any of the requirements will be immediately disqualified.

On additional information/ statistics/ data
We have been receiving many questions with regard to additional information/ statistics/ data pertaining to the Buckingham Canal.

Any information that we have or have generated for the purpose of this competition has already been shared as part of the competition brief packet. We do not have access to any more information.

Please note that this is only the ideas phase of the competition. Winning entries will be able to work on their proposals and further their research under the grant that they will receive.

On modifying the base drawing provided
Although, we recommend that the base drawing provided is not vastly altered by participants in order to ensure uniformity among proposals, any additions/ changes which are made either based on updated Google satellite imagery or actual site visits are acceptable. We are indeed aware of changes on the ground since the time the base map was generated. However, entries that reflect any such changes in their base maps will not be favoured in any way during the judging process.

On master plan documents and other such documents
Most relevant links to statutory documents have been provided in Annexure 4. Anything not provided already is available online from the respective government websites.

On eligibility criteria
The team must be led by an Indian national.
Also, at least 50% of the team must be comprised of Indian nationals.

So a two member team must have an Indian national as team lead.
A three/ four member team must have an Indian national as team lead and one other Indian national in the team.
A five member team must have an Indian national as team lead and two other Indian nationals in the team.